Nollet RO System is a prominent RO System and its Components importer and Supplier in the international markets. Nollet RO System is located in mogappair and best RO water purifier dealers at mogappair, The products offered by us include Domestic RO System, Cabinet RO System, Wall Mount RO System, Industrial RO System, Commercial RO System, Domestic RO Components, Industrial RO Components, Water softeners and so on. Also, we are an eminent Importer of Booster Pump and pump Head with modified hi-tech design which is from china and taiwan. We back boned by skilled team of professionals.

Reverse Osmosis System is used for treatment of water for reduction of high dissolved solids. The flow of the solvent is reversed by applying external pressure to the concentrated side. The concept is widely used to fresh water from any quality of water whether brackish or even seawater. The plants are either standard or custom built to suit regular and specific requirements of the customer. The packaged models are from 10 lph to higher flow to suit for domestic and higher flow for commercial & industrial applications. Water being essential part of life sometimes contains high salt impurities and unwanted ions which can be removed through membrane technology with a membrane porosity of 0.0001 microns.
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