A (chemical) water softener is a device or a substance that removes or renders inactive and isolate minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium. Water containing dissolved calcium and magnesium in amount greater than 120mg./1 is considered hard, this water destroys the detergent property of soaps. On heating & cooling, it forms scales which corrode. This chemical softener is made using premium quality of raw materials and is widely demanded in the global markets. They can also be designed as per the required technical specifications and are easy to install.

Our chemical softener completely removes the dissolved impurities and minerals which can cause a harmful affect on the health. Our chemical softener extends the life of plumbing systems and water – using appliances through the reduction of clogging from scale within the pipes. It also reduces soapy residue on cloths, film on tub and shower tiles and scratching on bathroom fixtures. It also decreases cooking gas consumption by 30%.
Nano Softner
It is based only on by hardness, quality & characters of Water. Available According to customer’s requirements.

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